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N Katherine Hayles @ The Computational Turn (Swansea University)

Data and Meaning: The Test Case of "Only Revolutions"

Introductions by Dr. David M. Berry, Professor Noel Thompson (Pro Vice Chancellor Research), Professor Helen Fulton (Director RIAH).

Chaired by Professor Christian De Cock (School of Business).

Within the Digital Humanities community, there is an on-going dispute about the relation of human to machine eading, in particular whether finding patterns can be a goal in itself or whether it must be linked to interpretation and meaning. This presentation argues for the importance of interpretation and illustrates it with results from data and text mining on Mark Danielewski's "Only Revolutions," an intricately patterned Oulipo-like work in which patterns compete (and cooperate) with overwhelming amounts of loosely structured data. Filmed at The Computational Turn Workshop held at Swansea University 9th March 2010. More info at

Run time 88 minutes 48 seconds
Producer Dr David M. Berry
Audio/Visual sound


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